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With EVANA360, you save valuable time to focus entirely on your core business. Our AI-powered data management tool names, sorts, and places your documents and information exactly where they belong. Discover which package fits your company here.

Automate with EVANA AI


EVANA is a leading provider of AI technologies in the real estate industry. Our algorithm has learned from processing over 20 million relevant data points and is continuously being trained.

AI Recognition of Over 360 Document Types:

Our AI automatically recognizes and classifies over 360 document types in the real estate industry, including the most commonly used and significant ones.

Customized AI Models:

Specially tailored AI models designed to meet your individual requirements.

Standardized Document Storage:

Documents are stored in a standardized, automated archive.

Personalized Confidence Thresholds:

Classification only occurs when an adjustable confidence threshold, based on your company's requirements, is met.

Automatic File Renaming

Based on the identified document type, ambiguously named documents can be automatically renamed to ensure consistent and efficient management.

Email Archiving and Attachment Extraction:

Automatic archiving and extraction of attachments from emails.

The All-in-One Platform for Your Digital Real Estate Management


EVANA360 is our comprehensive software solution that unifies all documents and processes in real estate management on one platform.

Efficient Management

Enhance Collaboration

Gain Valuable Insights

Security Standards

Efficient Management

Find Documents in
Seconds (Global Search):

Find the one document you need from millions in seconds – anywhere, anytime.

Enrichment and Linking of
Documents with Metadata:

Efficient management and linking of your documents.

Integration with Workflow
Tools on Request:

Seamless integration into your existing workflow tools.

Enhance Collaboration

 Collaborative Work with Microsoft Azure::

Work from anywhere and stay connected.

Parallel Work through
MS Office Integration:

Facilitates collaboration and increases productivity.

Versioning and Editing:

Keep track of changes and versions.

Archive &
Deletion Concept:

Ensuring compliance and efficient management of document lifecycles.
Custom Access Controls::

Ensure that all users only see information relevant to them.

Gain Valuable Insights

Reporting with Microsoft Power BI:

Detailed reporting for informed decision-making.

via a link:

Simple and secure document sharing.

Simple and secure document sharing.

Providing a secure space for transaction documents.

Standard REST API; SAP
RE-FX Integration, SCIM, SS:

Flexibility and integration into existing systems.

Security Standards


TÜV Saarland Certificate No. TK44638, received in 07/2021. Compliance with the GoBD "Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access" of the German tax authorities.

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017. TÜV Saarland Certificate No. DC00550, received in 12/2020.


We operate as a service provider for BaFin-regulated companies, supporting outsourcing applications and processes.

Security Assessment / Penetration Test

TÜV Austria Pentest, annually renewed with rigorous security checks.

Transaction Data Rooms


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Our algorithm has learned from processing over 20 million relevant data points – and we continue to train it every second.

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