Intelligent document management is the central part of EVANA’s DNA. This won‘t surprise anyone who knows our company. And we do not only bring our commitment to product development, but also to important committees. This is why we are involved in the so-called “Kompetenzgruppe Datenmanagement“ by the Gesellschaft für immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung (gif). Together with numerous players, we are pursuing the goal of establishing standards for modern data management based on industry-wide guidelines and recommendations. Since the start of our work, we have been able to develop common standards for setting up a real estate data room and document management system (DMS), among other things. And we are convinced that digitization can only work with standards.

But standards also need to be adapted. For this reason we have now published an upgrade of the gif DMS guideline. Thereby the standard is extended for the first time by the dimension logic. What sounds complicated is easily explained: Thanks to the new logic, documents and information can be found much faster – across folders. So the time of time-consuming browsing through folders is over. And that’s not all: the new logic also simplifies the integration of EVANA AI into any document management system.

In the same work step, gif has significantly expanded the document classes in the directive – from 62 to 164, resulting in a higher level of detail for investors, asset managers, property managers and advisors who offer with the new standard. This extension also makes it easier to train our EVANA AI. Finally, we can now be even more precise in naming and sorting documents.

“The new upgrade is a turbo for the digitalization of document management and another important interim success for our competence group. It has enabled us to successfully solve many of the challenges posed to an industry standard and improve its practicability. But we are far from having reached the end of our work, we still have big plans for the future,” says our co-founder and CIPO Sascha Donner, who is also deputy head of the gif project group Data Room and Document Management Systems.

The implementation of the upgrade of the gif DMS guideline at EVANA is explained in more detail here: [LINK TO VIDEO]

Details about the guideline and gif competence group data management can be found here: [LINK]