EVANA360 harmonizes all data streams generated in the real estate industry into one single platform. Using open interfaces, the system landscape of real estate companies is seamlessly integrated into one single platform. At the same time, all data are cross-linked and made easily available, and all master data systems are synchronized.

The self-learning platform can be customized on an individual or modular level. Once EVANA AI has been integrated, new information is analyzed, cross-linked and structured automatically. The open and dynamic structure of EVANA360 allows every company to grow along with the future challenges and opportunities brought along by the ongoing process of digitization.

EVANA360 provides extremely high data quality.

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  • Intelligent Data Room
  • Increases data quality
  • Increases level of control
  • Digitization of all company information
  • Integration of external systems via REST API
  • AI understands your documents
  • BI dashboard already included
  • Digital real estate cockpit
  • Saves time and resources
  • Faster deal ready
  • Classification and data extraction by easy drag and drop
  • Extracting data, renaming and sorting of documents
  • Workflows are triggered by documents and extracted data
  • Reading, classifying according to the German “gif / RICS” standard and others
  • Document structuring with AI support increases transaction readiness
  • Faster due diligence process on one central data room
  • Transaction data can be directly migrated to the buyers ́ systems
  • Workflows can be designed and integrated directly on EVANA360
  • Automation of workflows (RPA)