Avoid GDPR related fines with EVANA AI provides protection against fines.

EVANA AG provides immediate support with regard to digital documents. EVANA AI, our artificial intelligence solution, offers a quick and sustainable approach. We will be happy to support you in the implementation of a sustainable digitization strategy. Our service offering is further enhanced by our collaborative network including accountants/ auditors and law firms.

EVANA AI allows you to analyze suspicious document portfolios, effectively identifying documents containing personal data, including income or asset statements, credit reports, extracts from employment or traineeship agreements, tax data, social and health insurance details or account statements. Relevant data items are identified and isolated and can be deleted after confirmation. Companies using EVANA 360 as their asset data room benefit from this analysis service on a constant basis. As such, they enjoy continuous protection against violations of the right to be forgotten provided under GDPR.


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Avoid GDPR related fines with EVANA AI.