Frankfurt am Main/Berlin, April 9, 2020 – EVANA AG, the data room and digital document management specialist, has entered into a strategic partnership with realxdata GmbH, the Berlin-based provider of commercial real estate data analytics and market data solutions, to pool their resources and expertise in the field of automated real estate prospectus data analysis using artificial intelligence. To this end, the two companies are daisy-chaining their algorithms to collect prospectus data within seconds, store it in data rooms and prepare it for analysis. The new product will be available from summer 2020.


“The tedious typing of prospectuses, which pile up in mailboxes or digital inboxes, takes up an unnecessary amount of time and ties up valuable capacity in the company. Here we see an enormous automation potential from which our customers can benefit greatly,” believes Dr. Titus Albrecht, CEO of realxdata. Sascha Donner, CIPO of EVANA, explains: “Our strategic partnership solves a common problem for asset managers and investors. In addition, we reduce the potential for errors in data transmission many times over and ensure that more market data is available close to the investment process.” The two companies regard their partnership as a necessary preliminary stage on the journey to the complete digital exchange of purchase offers within the real estate industry.